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*Selling a house you own?
*Dealing with your tenants?
*Selling your own home so you can move?
*Listing a property again that just wont sell?
*Finding money to repair a home to sell it?

I'm Casey McDonald, founder of NY Home Owners. In the past 7 years, I have purchased over 80 homes in our area and have given people a fair price for a property they couldn't otherwise sell.

I am a good landlord, a competent contractor and a successful investor. I find ways to rapidly generate income so that both you and I can make money on a property that today is just a big headache.

Give me a call and lets discuss how your specific property can stop being a drain on your life and instead becomes a nice source of monthly income, a lump sum of cash or a combination of the two.  Many times I will buy a property on the spot.

dd"I had a house in Romulus which didn't make me a nickle for over two years. I sold Casey the house in July for $21,000 more than I paid for it. Less than three months later, I have $6400 cash and money every month for the next twelve years to help pay for my grandchild's Christian school education. I am very happy." Nora Crothers - Seneca Falls.


If you need to sell a house, talk to me- Casey McDonald

TXT or call (315)521-9528  or Email: Casey McDonald



This year, don't just SPEND your tax return....INVEST it in a home of your own.   

Enroll in our "Find me a home" Program.


"We got our home through NY Home Owners in 2005.  In five years, our assessment increased by $10,000 and our purchase price went down  by over $5000. 

In 2010, our credit allowed us to get a conventional mortgage through a bank.  NY Home Owners helped us get the American Dream!

Thank you, NY Home Owners!"  

Kurt and Sara, Lodi, NY

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In the past five years, NY Home Owners has helped many families become home owners. Currently, we are helping 30+ families work toward home ownership. We can help you too! Generally, people who own their home take better care of it than renters.  If you are renting, why improve the landscape or paint the garage or get too involved in reporting illegal behavior in your neighborhood?  But as a  home owner, people are more concerned about caring for their home and their community.   

Sub-Prime Credit:  Are your credit scores less than 700?  If so, you have "fair" credit and getting a decent loan to buy your home home becomes very difficult.  NY Home Owners works with people with "fair" to "poor" credit and helps them become homeowners.  We match "sub-prime" buyers with "sub-prime" homes.  This way, we give you the chance to invest in yourself and your community while helping a "needy"  home become a "nice" home.

Sub-Prime Homes: These are homes that need work.  If you are willing to work on these homes, NY Home Owners can help you become a home owner.   Get on our email list to hear about available homes, get credit advice and other helpful information. 

"When you succeed, we succeed!"

- Casey McDonald, Founder NYH


NY Home Owners is not a charitable organization.  We are a business.  We make money by finding the right people for the right house.  We use our good credit, experience and reputation to buy a home that needs work.  Then we can sell that home to a family that is willing to do a large portion of the work the home needs.  

We work mostly with houses that need repair and sell them to people who usually can't buy a house through conventional means.  We help you every step of the way to be a successful home owner. 

Need help installing a new furnace?  or a roof? or replacing a bathtub?  We're here to help.  Plus we help you finance your home and we help you apply for any grants that may help you buy or repair your home or even reduce your property taxes.

Sound simple enough?  We try to be fair, friendly and firm and treat you the way we expect you to treat us.  If you succeed, we succeed.  We're here to help you succeed! 

Here's how most of our deals work:

  • We financially qualify you over the phone by asking you how much money you have saved and what your monthly income is.  Monthly income includes all public assistance, child support, work income, etc. The more money you can put down on a house from savings or tax returns or relatives, helps fund repairs on house. 
  • Next, you visit a home we have available and decide if you are up to the challenge of working with us to meet the repair needs of that house. 
  • You meet with us and we explain all contracts and agreements concerning the specifics of a particular house you like.
  • When we meet, if you like what you hear, you give us a cash deposit.  If you don't, you keep your cash and we part friends. 
  • We check to see if you are financially and mechanically  qualified to do your part in making a house work for you. Your credit may be checked to see if you have a recent history of paying your bills.  Many of our clients have credit score in the mid 500's, and sometimes we work with people without running a credit check.  
  • If your application is declined due to undisclosed credit issues, we return your deposit minus $25 credit check fee.
  • If you are accepted we enter into two agreements; a rental agreement and an option agreement.  A portion of your cash deposit applies to the option agreement and is non-refundable.  The price we agree to in our agreement guarantees you a fixed price for your home. 
  • We help you build a down payment.  We apply all of your option agreement money toward a down payment on your home. If your rent is $500, for example, an additional $150 would be paid to us for the option and all of the option money would apply to the purchase of the home.  The option can expire or be renewed, based on our contract. 
  • Your monthly rent is a low as possible, but you can choose to pay a higher amount and build your credit toward principle faster.  This monthly credit far exceeds any principle pay-down you'd get in a conventional 30 year, 5% mortgage.  Your down payment quickly adds up to thousands of dollars so you have the 10-15% down payment for your home.   
  • Amortization Schedule.  When you borrow money from a bank, a portion of your loan payment  is applied toward interest and a portion toward principal.  Click here to see an example of an amortization schedule.
  • We help you get a Mortgage Loan.  In about 3 years, if you pay every month on time, you can accrue enough option credits to serve as a down payment.  Then we put you on deed and you become the official home owner.  You can choose to work with a bank for your mortgage at that time or we will become your bank and give a you a good rate mortgage.
  • We help you with repairs.  We help guide you through any repair issues your home may need.  We are experts at home repair and can help you upgrade your electric, meet your plumbing needs, weatherize your home or replace your roof.  We are happy to perform repairs for you, but the price of your home will increase accordingly. If you don't have the money for a major repair, we will loan it to you at 10% over 60 months.  That means if your furnace goes out, and replacing it costs $3000, your rent will increase about $60 a month until the loan is paid off and then your rent will go back down.  
  • We help you secure all code permits.  Working closely with code is important to us because it keeps your family safe.  We insist that all repairs done to your home meet or exceed NYS Residential Code standards.
  • We help you apply for various grants to weatherize and improve your home.
  • We help you apply for tax reductions and home purchasing programs and grants.



We ask the families we do business with to follow our Four Rules:

Obey the law.

Pay your bills.

Be a good neighbor.

Don't lie to us.


       1.  Obey the law.

Do you obey the law?  We require that your household be drug free.  We also require that you do not understate your house hold income to any agency that provides your family money.  

      2.  Pay your bills.

If you don't pay your bills, your credit report may be affected.  What kind of credit do you need?

We work with people with all levels of credit.  Are you willing to pay your bills from here forward?  We will work with you to help you own a home and repair your credit.  You treat us like the bank, and we will treat you like the homeowner. Its that simple.    

We do not have the ability to delay eviction proceedings if you don't pay us.  We work with people in emergency situations, but we begin the eviction process if  people fail to contact us when they have an emergency and don't pay us.  Bottom line:  Work with us and we'll work with you.

        3.  Be a good neighbor.

Do you vote?  Do you keep your yard clean?  Do you respect your neighbor?  Do you report suspicious behavior on your block including drug deals, vandalism and domestic violence?  Do you have a friendly, approachable dog? These are some of the things people do to improve their community. 

Some of the neighborhoods where NY Home Owners has housing have serious need for people to be good neighbors.  Keeping your neighborhood improving in safety and value means you do your part.  NY Home Owners helps you keep the outside of your home maintained so that your home improves value of the homes next to you.  Plus, we help you work with your neighbors to keep your community safe.  Being a good neighbor is an important commitment which helps your reputation and the reputation of NY Home Owners.

     4.  Don't lie to us.

When you have a problem, we ask that you be up front about it with us.  This way we can help you.  You will need to keep your word in the same way that we do.  At NY Home Owners, we do what we say we will do.  Are you ready to do the same?  Do you have problems with the law?  Tell us.  We might be able to help.  You'll be surprised how much  can be done to solve a problem when you involve our advice and assistance.  Lying to us effects our ability to trust you and to work with you.  Tell us the truth even if its embarrassing.  We can only help if you tell us what's going on.   


Want to learn more?  

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"We're here to help you succeed at being a NY Home Owner.  Follow our four rules and we're here for you every step of the way."


Casey McDonald


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